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How do I report an upset at a waterworks or sewage works?

Upset conditions should be reported immediately and directly by telephone. The owner, permittee, or any employee, agent of contractor is required to report upset conditions to the minister.

To accommodate reporting there are two methods that should be used. Upset reports during normal business hours should be relayed by telephone and be directed to the Environmental Project Officer (EPO) that normally inspects or deals with the waterworks or sewage works. In the event that the EPO cannot be directly contacted by telephone during regular business hours, report the upset condition to the dedicated Upset Report Line at 1-844-536-9494.

If a report must be placed outside normal business hours, on weekends or holidays, persons reporting should contact the Upset Report Line at 1-844-536-9494. The Centre operates 24 hours/day, 365 days per year and they will then contact an agency official to follow-up with the upset report.

Remember that those at the Upset Report Line will not be familiar with your water or sewage works, so be prepared to provide enough details of the upset and contact information for further follow-up by an EPO.

How does Upset Reporting for Sewage Spills overlap with the requirements of The Environmental Spill Control Regulations?

Spills of sewage are also governed by the Environmental Spill Control Regulations (ESCR). Every offsite spill of raw or treated sewage in excess of 300 litres over any 24 hour period is a reportable spill and is also a reportable upset condition.

Until changes to the ESCR can be made, those persons required to report spills which are also a form of upset, must also directly report to the Environmental Spill Report Centre at 1-800-667-7525.

There are several departments or agencies available to respond to your telephone call. Select the community or area where the water is located and choose the contact you require.