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Water Services

Grants and Funding

Water Testing

Intensive Livestock Operation (ILO)
Program purpose is to develop environmentally sound intensive livestock operations.  Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for a review and approval process.

Instructions to Complete Application
Instructions to Complete Application for Water Rights licence and Approval to Construct and Operate Works under The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority Act.

Irrigation Certification
Information on certifying land for irrigation.

Provincial Streamflow Forecast
General water supply conditions in Saskatchewan and forecasts of expected flow conditions/lake levels.


Water Appeal Board: The Water Appeal Board receives and acts on appeals from decisions, orders and actions of the Water Security Agency. In Regina, telephone: (306)798-7462, Fax: (306)787-8558.

Water Security Agency Saskatchewan

Watershed and Aquifer Planning
Water Security Agency has completed a number of watershed and aquifer source water protection plans. A Watershed and Aquifer Planning Model for Saskatchewan was developed.