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Wastewater Information

The advancement of wastewater treatment methods have played and will continue to play an important role in environmental and public health protection.

Facility operators are required to monitor the effluent quality by regular sampling and testing.  These are important tools to help reduce risks associated with wastewater discharge.

Due to the time required to submit wastewater testing results into the database, the information contained in the tables may be behind actual submission dates made by the wastewater facilities.

Current Sampling Requirements (most recent data for the current monitoring requirements in place) and Historical Sampling Requirements (historical data for the old monitoring requirements) are found in separate listings. Printable report features are available in the Advanced Search area.

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Requirements for wastewater treatment (WT) in Saskatchewan are established by Section 16 of The Water Regulations, 2002:

  • WT facilities must be operated to produce effluent that meets requirements set out in permittee's permit
  • unless otherwise set out in permittee's permit, all WT facilities in a sewage works must include (a) a secondary treatment process that produces effluent with no more than (i) 30 milligrams per litre of BOD5 or CBOD5; and (ii) 30 milligrams per litre of total suspended solids; or (b) facultative lagoons (FL) designed in accordance with subsection (4).
  • unless otherwise set out in the permittee's permit, all FL must be designed to have (a) a minimum of two basins operating in series; (b) primary basins with a surface area sufficient to ensure a BOD5 loading of not greater than 30 kilograms per hectare per day will be applied; and (c) a combined storage capacity in all basins, other than primary basins, of at least 180 days of sewage flow into basins for service connections and population to be served by the sewage works.