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Water and Wastewater

The Drinking Water Information Binder (produced by Water Security Agency) has been provided to operators of water and wastewater treatment plants in Saskatchewan. Operators will receive revised and/or new documentation to be included. Factsheets (Part 1 This link is to a PDF file. ) were developed to inform waterworks owners, managers and operators about provincial regulation of planning, building and operating a waterworks.

Information PDF file for water and wastewater operators in Saskatchewan (EPB 437). New and existing waterworks and sewage works must be under the direction of a certified operator. Under The Environmental Management Protection Act, 2010,  Easements PDF file (EPB 385). Easements are required for sewage works that could adversely affect any land other than that on the land where the works are to be constructed or situated.

Certification and Training

Operators must meet standards of education, experience and examination explained in the Operator Certification Program This link is to a PDF file. (EPB 144) and the Regional/Contract Operator Program This link is to a PDF file. (EPB 286). After 2005 July 15, insurance firms may no longer provide liability coverage to facilities without a certified operator. A number of agencies EPB 436 (EPB 436) provide training, workshops and examination sittings for water and waste operators.

The Saskatchewan Operator Certification Board "is responsible for certifying water and wastewater operators within the province of Saskatchewan." Along with accepting certification applications and renewals , the OCB provides a search for certified operators of provincially regulated systems.

Other available documents:


National Wastewater Initiatives and Federal Regulations

  • Canada-wide Strategy for the Management of Municipal Wastewater Effluent (CCME-MWWE): Consultation materials on the draft strategy is now available for review and comment.
  • Biosolids (CCME): Strategy on management, beneficial use, policies and best management practices.
  • Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations (WSER): Canada's first national standards for wastewater treatment.
  • Guides and Suppliers

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