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Everyone in Saskatchewan needs a good supply of safe, clean drinking water. Municipalities own and are responsible for municipal drinking water facilities and their operation. Water sample submissions are required for testing.

There are several responsible water management agencies in Saskatchewan. Please refer to this listing to determine which agency to contact.

Due to the time required to submit water testing results into My Drinking Water database, the information contained in the tables may be behind actual submission dates made by waterworks.

Effective 2008 April, Current Sampling Requirements (most recent data for the current monitoring requirements in place) and Historical Sampling Requirements (historical data for the old monitoring requirements) are found in separate listings. Printable report features are also available in the Advanced Search area.

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In accordance with The Waterworks and Sewage Works Regulations, the 2015 Water Quality and Sample Submission Compliance Records for all customers are now available.

Hygienic Use Systems provide water to be used for hygienic purposes by humans (including bathing, showering, personal hygiene but not including swimming). Hygienic use must not include a human consumptive use (drinking, oral hygiene and food preparation making ice cubes, etc). Water provided for hygienic use (where permitted) must be provided by a system approved by Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment and that system must be maintained in accordance with the regulations by the permittee of the works.

Maps showing High Element Concentrations in Drinking Water in Saskatchewan
Drinking water in Saskatchewan is required to meet the water quality standards PDF opens in browser window or tab.. A protocol PDF opens in new browser window or tab. is used to resolve potential cases of bacterial contamination of water supplies.
Saskatchewan Community Water Use Records

Community water use records are used to design water conservation programs and to assist in design of new drinking water plants and wastewater plants. Water use records PDF document for Saskatchewan communities are available from the Water Security Agency This link will open a new browser window or tab..

Saskatchewan Regional Health Authority
The Saskatchewan Regional Health Authority This link will open a new browser window or tab. provides most of the health services in the province. The Regional Health Authority Community List PDF document is an alphabetical list of Saskatchewan communities and the health region they are in.


Quick Fact: One litre of oil can contaminate up to 2 million litres of water.